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Is the Bible True?

Is The Bible True is a crucial question to answer. If it can be proven that we have an instruction book from God, then we should truly investigate its contents. Choose a site below to begin your journey. Take the challenge and weigh the evidence yourselves.

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  • Bible Codes: Discover evidence of traditional and tested examples of supernatural design and integration that leap from the pages of God’s Word.
  • Ark of The Covenant: Mystical object or historical artifact? A temporary covering for Israel's sins. A foreshadowing of true forgiveness through the coming Messiah
  • Septuagint: The ancient Greek translation of the Jewish scriptures. An old testament source for early Christians. Credible proof for Messianic prophecy.
  • Christian Prophecy: The Jewish Messiah revealed in the Jewish Scriptures. A Jewish perspective on discovering the truth of Yeshua as Savior and Lord.
  • Bible Origin: Divine inspiration revealed in the Word of God. The New Testament canon and the authenticity of scripture. God-breathed Truth.
  • Josephus: An Invaluable source of eyewitness testimony to the development of Western civilization as well as Christianity in the 1st Century.
  • History of Israel: Discover Israel. Trace it's birth as a nation about 4000 years ago to today. See how the Bible fits in.
  • Bible Contradictions: Alleged errors and inaccuracies in the Bible. A barrier for many critics. Definition, analysis, translation and context answer the questions.
  • Biblical Prophecy: Does biblical history line up with secular history. Learn the facts and view several examples from the Old Testament book of Daniel.
  • Bible Archaeology: Cities of Old Testament scripture. Homes of Abraham and the Patriarchs. Capitals of the Mesopotamian Empires. Cities of ancient Israel.
  • Biblical Archaeology: Ancient civilizations, law and culture. Evidence that reveals early Israel. Dramatic support for Old Testament scripture. The most recent discoveries.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls: Learn why this compelling and hstoric find is so very important. Discover the best proof of divine inspiration: perfect prophecy.
  • Christian Persecution: If you believe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was a hoax, check out the legacy of martyrdom.
  • Messianic Prophecy: Review the incredible evidence for Jesus Christ. Be assured that these prophecies were not conspired after-the-fact. Discover the awesome truth.
  • King James Bible: The beloved and poetic translation from 1611. Its purpose and impact. A look at the history and translation team behind this classic version of the Bible.
  • Is The Bible True?: Review the evidence for this remarkable book of antiquity. Was it really inspired by God? What is prophecy all about?
  • Holy Bible: Concise yet detailed review of the history of the Holy Bible. Discover the origins of the Old and New Testament.
  • Bible Truth: Why is the holy book any different than the others? Check out the reliability of the ancient writers and manuscripts.
  • 10 Commandments: God's Holy Standards revealed in the Old Testament. Exodus 20. God's Holy Standards summed up in the New Testament. Matthew 22.
  • Bible Prophecy: Does biblical history line up with secular history. Learn the facts and view several examples from the Old Testament book of Daniel.
  • Origin of The Bible: The truth about translations. The reliability of ancient manuscripts. The archaeological evidence. The power of prophecy. Credibility, authenticity and divine authorship.
  • Who Wrote the Bible?: A vital question that deserves serious investigation. An examination of the biblical texts and compelling evidence for divine inspiration.

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